Sunday 8th – Dumyat

Since joining EWG, I’ve spent 15 years preparing for this moment but I now feel ready to take on the challenge of scaling the mighty Dumyat.  This hill has achieved a near legendary status in the folklore of EWG and rumour has it that ghostly figures can be spotted there on most Wednesday evenings as they descend eagerly to the nearest watering hole.  And like these ghostly figures our route up this “rocky cub of the Ochils” is a bit rougher but possessed of considerable character.

Normally a 40 minute walk, we will, in the finest navigational traditions of Dumyat baggers, take the long way round thereby making it nearer 4 hours – but ineffably far more interesting.  We start from the small car park just east of Blairlogie on the A91 east of Stirling.  Let’s meet there are 10 o’clock for a 10.30 start.

Usual stuff about shouting out if you want or are looking for a lift.

Hope you can join me on Sunday for my initiatory pilgrimage to this seminal summit.

And, of course, also here along with the rest of 2020’s programme – carefully crafted for your delectation.

All brought to you by EWG Productions Inc!

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