Sunday 10th March – Arbroath Cliffs

Magical, majestic, soaring, vertiginous, awe inspiring, craggy, towering.  All adjectives that you commonly find in front of “cliffs”.  They are amazing phenomena.  No fading out to sea like a beach does or the wishy washy compromise of a tangle of rocks.  Cliffs are uncompromising.  They make a statement.  Here endeth terra firma.  Here starteth your journey into the unknown vastness of the wild seas.

And, of course, Arbroath Cliffs was a famous film star of the 1930’s.  Only kidding.  But he should have been.  An opportunity missed by Hollywood I feel, though the moniker did enjoy a certain popularity in the 60’s.  Cliff Mitchelmore, Cliff Hanley and of course, Bachelor Boy?

Sunday’s walk will, of course, live up to all these adjectives.

7 miles of captivating scenery and well worth carrying a camera for – though, in truth, you’ll never quite capture that mysterious essence.  Possibly also worth bringing a geology book.  Or you can bluff it.  Who will know?

Let’s meet at 10.30 for an 11 o’clock kick-off at the start point which is at the north end of the road along the front at the north end of Arbroath; there’s a car park at the far end of Victoria Park, near the public toilets.

Can you let me know  if you’re planning to be there cos it’s a semi-linear walk and we may want to leave a car at both ends rather than rely on public transport?

And who knows what a fortnight after Sunday will bring?  Now there, indeed, is a cliffhangar.

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