Sunday 24th March Loch Lee and waterfalls circuit.

Well Bill’s off to London to try and stop the lemmings dragging the rest of us over the cliff, so you’ll have to put up with my less erudite spiel.

This Sunday’s walk is up the Angus Glens. A fantastic circuit of Glen Lee taking in pretty Loch Lee and then climbing steeply past the Falls of Unich and the Fall of Damff to cross open moorland and descend the track on the Shank of Inchgrundle. 

A shorter, less strenuous walk would be to visit the first waterfall and return the same way.

The weather seems to be relatively settled so we could have to good views. Let’s meet at the car park at Invermark, near the head of Glen Esk at 9.45 for a 10.15 start.

Sunday 10th March – Arbroath Cliffs

Magical, majestic, soaring, vertiginous, awe inspiring, craggy, towering.  All adjectives that you commonly find in front of “cliffs”.  They are amazing phenomena.  No fading out to sea like a beach does or the wishy washy compromise of a tangle of rocks.  Cliffs are uncompromising.  They make a statement.  Here endeth terra firma.  Here starteth your journey into the unknown vastness of the wild seas.

And, of course, Arbroath Cliffs was a famous film star of the 1930’s.  Only kidding.  But he should have been.  An opportunity missed by Hollywood I feel, though the moniker did enjoy a certain popularity in the 60’s.  Cliff Mitchelmore, Cliff Hanley and of course, Bachelor Boy?

Sunday’s walk will, of course, live up to all these adjectives.

7 miles of captivating scenery and well worth carrying a camera for – though, in truth, you’ll never quite capture that mysterious essence.  Possibly also worth bringing a geology book.  Or you can bluff it.  Who will know?

Let’s meet at 10.30 for an 11 o’clock kick-off at the start point which is at the north end of the road along the front at the north end of Arbroath; there’s a car park at the far end of Victoria Park, near the public toilets.

Can you let me know  if you’re planning to be there cos it’s a semi-linear walk and we may want to leave a car at both ends rather than rely on public transport?

And who knows what a fortnight after Sunday will bring?  Now there, indeed, is a cliffhangar.