Sunday 24th

Most of the regular faces have allowed themselves to be seduced by other pleasures or duties this coming weekend.  So I’m taking back control!  (Read Animal Farm, if you haven’t already, to see where this’ll lead!)

Some slight modifications to the Basic Law –

  1. Not everything which goes on 2 legs is evil.  But anything which doesn’t feel like collapsing onto 4 legs from time to time is suspect.
  2. Anything which has wings is indeed a friend – but only if they offer to carry your backpack
  3. No animal shall kill any other animal – unless their navigation skills have meant a 10 mile detour when self defence shall permit that course of action in order to avoid further ASB.
  4. Animals shall be permitted to wear clothes – indeed for some, it is highly desirable.
  5. No animal shall sleep in a bed – or at least not while on a walk.  Heather is OK at any time.
  6. No animal shall drink alcohol – preposterous
  7. All animals are equal  –  I rest my case

Taking back control means I fancy a shorter drive time (and of course also that no one else gets a say in that) so Sunday’s walk will be the lovely Ben Cleuch Circular

Starting point is Upper Mill Street which branches north from the main road towards the west end of Tillicoultry.  All animals should meet there at 9.30 for a 10 o’clock start.

Probably best if you email me or text my mobile to let me know you’re coming. 

Shout out also if you’d be on for carsharing.

Bill m: 078 77 8888 19

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