Ben Ledi – Sunday 13th

Hi and Happy 2019!

And what a year it will be.  Forget the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the Via di Francesco or even the Via Francigena this wonderful year will kick off with the pilgrimage to Ben Ledi on Sunday 13th January by that mysterious and fanatical group – the Ambulati Facili.
Anonymous sources who have conducted in-depth research into this cult tell us that the Ambulati will assemble that day in their secret meeting place known officially as “the car park off to the left from the A84 after Callander and just south of Loch Lubnaig” precisely 100 minutes after dawn (aka 9.30a.m.).  The precise location has been revealed as involving the navigation of a little bridge over the Garbh Uisge to the south of Loch Lubnaig then turning left.
As with all sects, excitement has mounted as the ritual approaches.  Ancient race memories are surfacing of legendary figures from the creed’s origins in the dim and distant 20th century.  These are supposed to bring great good fortune, and, occasionally, pies.  Speculation is rife as to whether The Laird might make an appearance with his proprietorial staff, or The Cook (so called for his haunting social media warnings of the power of curry), or even The Elder – who is believed to possess the power to hover enigmatically above the ground.

Usual time – 9.30 for a 10am start.  Break out the thermals that Santa brought.  And if there’s anyone who doesn’t already know this like the back of their hand – /lochlomond/ben-ledi.shtml.

As ever, get in touch if you’re offering a lift or would like to nab one.

And if you can’t make it – or just want to fill your diary, our 2019 programme is here in our upgraded website

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