Easy Walking is a Scottish based Internet Social Group of over 200 like minded people who love to walk and trek across the Scottish Highlands and around the world. We organise half-day and full-day walks at weekends and full weekend trips, as well as regular social events. We are not a club and anyone joining us should understand the risks involved and be responsible for their own equipment, health and safety.

New Members

New members should refer to the Practical Advice page for more information that will help you enjoy the hills.

The best way to keep up with the group is by joining our Google Group, you will…

  • Receive regular notifications of each upcoming walk
  • View/post photos of all the walks you’ve been on
  • Help shape the group by taking part in the discussion and helping choose what walks are coming up next
  • Contact others in your area to arrange care share

What to expect

  • A fortnightly email reminding you what the next walk is together with detailed instructions about where to meet (typically around between 9am and 10am).  You are free to ignore this but if you choose to act on it.
  • Anything between 1 and 31 friends to keep you company through some of Scotland’s finest scenery and show you where the nearest/best pub is afterwards.
  • Occasional opportunities to join us further afield for weekend walking breaks and (for the really keen) some seriously good walking abroad.

This is a completely flexible arrangement.  If you show up, you can join in.  If you don’t then we look forward to seeing you some other time!